Today I’ll talk about a very useful website to find loops and samples to create your own songs:


Is totally free, you need only to register in order to download the file of your choice.
I myself frequently use this resource, especially to find vocal tracks for my songs.
You can search through a lot of options the sound that best suits you.
There are several other websites where you can download samples but in my experience I think this is absolutely the best.
All samples are loaded from artists around the world who provide their sounds for free everyday.
You should always look at: the type of license and the will of the maker of the file.
This is because, some people, specify that you can not use, for example, the sample for commercial purposes.
After this I wish you good research.



Did you happen to have no inspiration and not be able to make anything?
Well, in these cases, we would do well a little push.




There are, looking on google, many freeware software that allow you to generate random riffs in MIDI format, useful in these cases.
Who knows, maybe our inspiration can come back to the surface, and a few random note something good could come out!
I simply suggest a site where you can do all this and more, and then, send you an email with the MIDI file created.
Very simple and intuitive!


If you search on google:
“random riff generator software”
you can find many other software…

Or if you have accidentally FL STUDIO, in the PIANO ROLL in the menu there is an entry that says RIFF MACHINE.
With that you can create random riffs, studied, according to the notethe scale, length, and much more.



What is the harmonic mixing?

Harmonic Mixing is an advanced technique used by top DJs all over the world.
By mixing tracks that are in the same or related keys, harmonic mixing enables long blends and mash-ups.
The goal is to eliminate key clashes.

The Basics

Harmonic mixing consists of two elements: knowing the key of every song that you play and knowing which keys are compatible.

To get started, find the keys of your songs.
You can detect keys with a piano, a good ear, and a background in music theory.
To save time, you can use professional DJ software such as Mixed In Key(PAID), Key Finder(FREE).
Mixed In Key(PAID), Key Finder(FREE), scans your MP3 and WAV files, and shows you the key of every song.

The First Mix

To help DJs learn harmonic mixing, Mark Davis created the Camelot wheel, a visual representation of which keys are compatible with each other:

On the Camelot wheel, each key is assigned a keycode number from one to twelve, like hours around a clock.

For the first mix, we recommend mixing two songs that have the same keycode, like 8A and 8A. It will sound like a professional mash-up made in the studio, even if you are mixing on live DJ equipment.

The Professional DJ Approach
Many professional DJs move around the Camelot wheel with every mix.

To select a compatible song, choose a keycode within one “hour” of your current keycode. If you are in 8A, you can play 7A, 8A or 9A next. If you are in 12A, you can play 11A, 12A or 1A. This mix will be smooth every time.

You can also mix between inner and outer wheels if you stay in the same “hour.” For example, try mixing from 8A to 8B, and notice the change in melody as you go from Minor to Major.

Harmonic mixing is a simple technique, but it opens up a world of creativity. You will play creative DJ sets and discover interesting song combinations. It’s easy to get started with any music genre.

Download KeyFinder for mac

Download KeyFinder for windows


How many times have we downloaded some songs illegally?

Come on, it happened to everyone!!
soundowl1Anyway I stumbled upon a really interesting site where you can download practically any famous song in quick and easy way!
I have no idea how it could be an online site like but as long as there you can use.

In most songs are divided by genre.
More comfortable than that ….


This is the link!



Somebody know vocaloid software? i think is one of the best invention from the last 10 years!!!!
Vocaloid is a voice synthetizer!!!!!
It is the first way to make a vocal without singer!!!the computer will sing for us!!!you have to write the lyrichs and after that the computer will sing all the song you wrote!!!Amazing true???Vocaloid_3_logo

It is very difficult find this software because is famous in japan but for now not in europe but no problem…

I found the links!!!!!

The software is multi language and is like fl studio!!!!!



Without the vocal libraries the software never go!!!

good job!!!!!

And this is a small tutorial for how download the software!!!


You have a good song, you want to make a new mix, perfect!
But you do not know what song might sound better in harmony with what you already have …… no problem!


This site is a database of songs, you can find the right combination for your mix, just write the note that you want to do the mix and the site you will find the most suitable songs harmonically!!

Good job!




i would like speak you about BEAT100.

BEA328124417_640t100 is a social network much like reverbnation but with the difference that it has a video weekly music charts by which you can win up to $ 2000 as first prize.

I was very surprised because the people are very nice and unlike reverbnation or other social networks people participate!

Anyway is simple.
You can subscribe via facebook, you upload your own songs via soundcloud or their own videos via youtube, you have to choose the videos you want in the table, spread the word and wait.
Our video can remain on the charts for three weeks without losing the votes, and that’s great.

I think this one is one of the better social network for musicians that i tried!!!

Go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂