Simon Verse has always had a strong passion for music, but only in the last few years he has been able to develop to the fullest.

From adolescence, he has created songs of a really innovative mold, anticipating the times on today’s

This is obviously a musician in every respect, with a wide artistic training, years of instrumental studies (keyboards and drums) and amazing creative talents.

In the last two years he made his debut in Italy, receiving numerous approvals and a large group of fans.

The secret of his success?

Innovation and variety.
The peculiarity of his artistic production has meant that it would create a strong interest in the sound proposed by him, tending mostly to the electro House and Dubstep, the kind of music definitely in growth among the best known talent.

Yet the music of Simon Verse is much more than that, it is impossible to generalize properly, it creeps in music capturing a big variety of genres, to create something completely new. Only breaking up the usual conception of music, divided according to kinds clearly established, you can proceed to something really new and modern…

Now, after years of experience and research, has collected all the important information and created this blog public, available to anyone, to give an orientation to future musicians, who want to pursue this path.

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Official Web Site


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