Cryptocurrency is building a new future by coming out at new, innovative, powerful, easy and secure online payments which are getting adopted by companies very quickly.

The first form online currency was Bitcoin, developed in 2009. Since then, a lot of online currency system has been created, DOGE or Dogecoin is another most popular form of cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin.

Lots of individuals are interested in mining coins and/or rent hashing power but till now, there was no easy solution available. The available services and tools are very complex, costly and provided with very less to no support. Moreover, customers had insecurity about their mining or hashing.

I can see people asking for any low-cost hashing service and good mining service that can pay high but no such services were available to help them till now. But now, take a bow because the perfect one-stop solution is available now to fulfill all your mining needs.  And, that is Cointellect Mining Service

What is Cointellect?

Cointellect is a trusted online service which is helping individuals and companies to mine coins and earn comparatively high money than any other service available online and also helping customers to rent hashing power at very cheap cost. It is one of the first cloud hashing services exclusively focused on promoting the widespread adoption of one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies out there, Dogecoin or DOGE.

From a portion of money, it funds start-ups, enhances peer-to-peer commerce and encourages alike customers and entrepreneurs to start using Dogecoins before things become tricky for them.

How it can help you?

Cointellect provides all three services that mining industry needs. It offers rental services which enables renters to purchase hashing power. A pool that enables miners to start earning instantly and, an affiliate program that pays 10% on every purchase in your downline.

Start Mining and Make Money

Starting mining through Cointellect is very easy. Firstly, sign-up for free at Cointellect*. Download it’s mining software Coin Miner. Now, login to your Cointellect account from where you’ll get an activation key to enter at Coin Miner in order to start using Cointellect software Coin Miner.

The software will first test your CPU, GPU performance and automatically decide at which optimal load it should use your hashing power.

Coin Miner provides all important information to you. At the top, the mining software will tell you the CPU speed that is being utilized (in MHS), DOGE and number of contacts you have. It also provides you the graph of DOGE/EUR and Mh/s and from the meters, tells you the mining speed that your CPU is offering, daily estimated earnings over that (in EUR) and Pool speed with Pool DOGE details.

You can also track your reports and statistics from your online account at Cointellect which shows you live stats of your Pool Performance, Earning Summary €/day and affiliates earnings.

Earlier, cryptocurrency mining could be done through solo mining because of low network difficulty but now, network difficulty has risen up which is making it very difficult for solo miners to earn the same reward they need to provide higher hash rate which is tough. So, Cointellect provides a helping hand by offering you pool mining to make things simpler, less competitive for you. You will keep on finding new blocks and receiving consistent payouts.

Cointellect’s cloud hashing service lets users to focus only on making profits by consuming all the headaches. You don’t need to worry about electricity consumption, malfunctions caused by the Doge pulling out the power cord, Internet connectivity issues, and hardware maintenance.

screenSumming it all, you (as a miner) contribute your CPU & GPU’s hash rate to the pool and generate revenue by using rented hash power to mine your favourite coins. Additionally, you also get payout which is proportionate to your contribution.

You’ll be paid in PayPal and DOGE/BTC. No contracts required. You can even release daily payments.

Renting Hash Power from Cointellect

Cointellect offers rental service of hashing power at very cheap cost. It is fast, secure and easy. Cointellect provide hassle free interface to rent hashing power. You can pay in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, USD, and EUR. If you face any problem, don’t worry, Cointellect team is available 24/7 to provide full support to you.

Cointellect is run by a group of professionals and industrial experts with many years experience in computer science, network security and finance. They are experts in crypto currency which is enables them to provide you a reward experience of cryptocurrency mining and hashing.

Final Thoughts

I have gone through many mining services and in comparison to all of those, Cointellect is much profitable. It handles all technical stuff itself, provides pool mining instead of solo mining and gives higher payout for contributing your hashing power. On renting side, the service is providing hashing power at very low price. And, friendly support is of course available to both sides. 

Get started today with five easy steps

Before sign up at this link:

1. Download
2. Create Account
3. Run Software
4. Get First Coins
5. Spend Earnings or Buy GH/S



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