Musicians audition for “Tube busking licences” in the greater london.TOTALLY FREE!!


Hello guys,
today I want to tell you about a other job opportunities that could be very fun and profitable.
I’m talking about the possibility of playing in places specially set up for the musicians in the underground of London.
Yes, for those who have already been to London probably already know that in the great European metropolis music is a real business, for this reason the company of the famous London Underground, has created spaces on purpose, for the performance of musicians.
The choice is twofold, helps the passengers to cheer about during the day, and helps musicians to get known and to make money.
Every day, traveling about 4 million people, and the average gain that can be achieved in a day, varies from 40 to 70 pounds.
Not bad.
For those who want to try, you have to do an audition in the spring showing great ability.
At this link you can have more information on the application form.
I hope you enjoy adventure in the great london.



2 thoughts on “Musicians audition for “Tube busking licences” in the greater london.TOTALLY FREE!!

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